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MMO: Ultima Online

A LONG time ago, nearly over a decade, MMOs were becomming a genre based on freedom of the player. A time when the idea of playing with thousands of others on the same server/realm/shard was unheard of and most of all, exciting.

One of the first MMOs and my first MMO was Ultima Online. Made by the same man who designed Tabula Rasa (which failed). Unlike Tabula Rasa, UO (ultima online) was revolutionary and innoventive. The amount of freedom for one's self was beyond rewarding. The game was simple, yet complex. Reviewers were harsh due to it's 2D birds-eye-view graphics, yet the game was a major, successful hit for many, many years. Long before that of WoW.

It proved that Gameplay > Graphics and I still believe in this til this day. So if you're a graphic fan over gameplay, this might not be the read for you. But if you can appreciate a game's features, gameplay and all the beautiful perks it comes with, you may appreciate this game as much as I have...

That's me in a boat in town, polymorphed into a chicken. It was the only way I could go into town as a murderer. People freaked out.

I would be suprised if this read opend the eyes to WoW gamers on how simple their game has evolved due to this. Anything player griefing-related or freedom-based has been removed and put into games like WoW. Honestly, UO was the last of it's kind. Until developers started listening to the wrong people. It's a shame.
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