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10 Things That Can Kill EGM


I do not venture out here enough... these top 10 lists are truly amazing, so now I will add my own.

1. Life Changing Places
I have an Awesome wife, and has opened my eyes to so many wonderful things. She happens to be from Nepal. So for our belated honeymoon we went to her home country. It has been one of the most aw inspiring trips I have ever been on. The things that we got to see, the places we went... it was truly epic, and there is no other word to describe it.

2. Speaking of Amazing Places
I have never been a part of any online community before Destructoid. Like some others have said, I never saw a reason, but this place has changed that. This is one of the most awesome communities I have ever been apart of, and I think it has all to do with the people in charge. If it wasn't for Niero and the awesome team he has put together, I might have to actually work during the day.

3. Never finish games as a kid
I could probably count the number of games on one hand that I finished as a kid. There are many reasons for this. One I suck at video games, even though I love them. I have finally been able to admit this to myself. Second I got bored easily. Third... I have serious OCD issues. I would try and find out every little secret in a game before moving onto the next area/level.

4. Anal...
My OCD issues crop up in many different ways. From being to obsessed with finding every detail about a game to having all my movies/games laid out in a certain way. I am in the middle of finished some furniture for my gaming setup, and once done, you will see the sickness that I have when I post some pictures.

5. Super Power - Acid Skin
For some reason I have a super power of being able to ooze acid from my skin. I can't wear leather watchbands (they don't last 3 months). My $200 Shure headphones... I have gone through 3 pairs (I no longer buy the good stuff). My wife gave me this ring to wear one time, and as you wear it is supposed to shine more and more... well... it turned black... she put it on, and it got shiny?!?

6. Diet
I was starting to get heavy and feeling really crappy about myself. I wanted to be able to do more with my kids. So I completely changed my diet. I gave a sugar (which is basically like a crack adict going clean, seriously) , I gave up all white bread's, potato's, rice... etc., I hardly eat anything prepacked, avoid MSG, etc... etc... etc... I dropped 50lbs, it was awesome. Since then my tastebuds have completely changed, and I like stuff I have never like before. If I can do it... anyone can. Now I need a way to motivate myself to exercise...

7. Romantic Comedy Sucker
Some of you already know this, but I love romantic comedy movies. Actually anything that is comedy based is gold to me... ie... martial arts comedy, ala Jackie Chan is effing amazing.

8. Dredge Hater
While we are on movies... I hate anything that doesn't have some kind of redeeming quality to it. I turned off Fight Club. And don't get me started on Jerry. I don't mind dredge if there is at least some kind of light in it. Like Sin City was Awesome, lots of dredge, but there were people trying.

9. Early Life Lesson
Till about 6th grade I was a douche. I remember bullying this one kid nonstop in the playground. Then my world crashed, my parents divorced and me and my mom moved to a new school. I was branded a loner by these really stuckup kids, and it stuck. I was then the victim of so much bullying that it more than made up for what I used to do. But to drive the point home, and the irony of the situation was... the kid I used to bully in the old school ended up becoming my friend in the new school. I wouldn't change this life lesson for anything, it has defined me.

10. Karma is a bitch
From #9 Karma has kept my ass in line for a long time. I haven't been able to do anything wrong, as it immediatly pays me back. One time I was with a friend from college in his home town and we decided to go out with a few of his friends and releave the state of some unnecessary advertising (ie we took some street signs). On THE LAST SIGN, we got caught, put in jail, and had to goto court. The judge was nice and didn't charge us with a felony (based on the value and amount of signs we had it should have been).

Extra Credit:
Most people know this... but I love my family more than anything. Being a father/husband has been the best thing to have ever happened to me.
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