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10 Things You Don't Know About JoeCamNet

1.) My middle name is Anthony. Not a fan of it, try to ignore it's existence, but what the fuck I might as well tell you guys who I don't know at all.

2.) I had the greatest wedding ever. How so? First off, all of the wedding music was performed by The OneUps. On top of that, some guests included Sean "Ailsean" Stone, the guys from X-Strike Studios and Dtoid's own Dale North. I still have family members asking me when I'm going to do it again because they had so much fun.

3.) I was the victim of a huge robbery about 8 years ago that claimed most of my video game collection. Among the victims were my PSX collection (including Valkyrie Profile, Tales of Destiny and Lunar 1 & 2) as well as all of my Nintendo/SNES games. Among THOSE victims? Boxed FFIII, Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger. Amazingly they didn't take my GameCube or Dreamcast. Thank god I was still able to rock out some PSO.

4.) I've been addicted to Final Fantasy XI. Yes, while I spend my life shunning WoW and any other PC MMOs, I was well addicted to FFXI both on the PS2 and the 360. The thing? My addiction would last 3-4 months and then go away for a year... Then I'd come back as if I never stopped at all for a few months. I'm sure I'll have a relapse soon.

5.) I fucking love EarthBound Ok, that's not much of a secret, but I'll take any excuse I can to talk about Bound Together. Man I feel like I can still do so much more with that.......................

6.) I spent 3 days in jail. Yeah, it's true. I missed a court date and despite getting it all settled and taken care of the following morning (I got my days mixed up) I was picked up for missing the date. The problem? For some reason I was conisdered a threat risk and was kept under "psych watch" for 3 days. I never got my phone call and my family and fiance didn't know where I was the whole time. Also, my cellmate had some form of bowel problem that caused him to shit like 5 times a day and every time was noisy and incredibly smelly.

7.) I used to be a hardcore Nintendo fanboy. I still somewhat am, but with the Wii my allegiance has swayed. For a while I thought I was a Sony fanboy, but then I played Smash Bros on the N64 and realized I wasn't a Sony Fanboy, I was a Squaresoft fanboy. Alas, that too would soon fade as the quality of games dipped and innovation took a backseat to graphics. Today? While still a Nintendo Fanboy at heart, I'm loving my Xbox 360 more and more every day. And to think, when the original Xbox came out I hated it with a passion.

8.) My dream in life is to own my very own game store. I know that brick and mortar stores and getting harder and harder to keep open, but I honestly feel that I have ideas and layouts that would not only promote repeat customers, but also create a huge headache for EBGameStop. Fuck that place and the shithole they've become.

9.) I HATE to preorder games. Hate it. The only time I'll ever do it is when I get something free for doing it. Otherwise, I'm an Amazon buyer so I know I won't have to worry about my local GameStop only getting enough games to cover preorders.

10.) Now that I have EarthBound back, the gaming item I want more than ANYTHING else right now is a Panasonic Q. That is one awesome looking system!
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