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Thirteen things about me, which includes my arrest in a foreign country and piracy



1.) I like anime and Japanese stuff. Like Dale North, where I grew up (Philippines) anime and Japanese shows are a normal staple on television. I grew up with it and consider it as just another medium to tell a story.

2.) I love games that have scantily-clad women. Just as long as it doesn't take itself very seriously, like Rumble Roses, the Dead or Alive series and the upcoming Oneechanbara are very over-the-top.

3.)I HATE THE CHARACTER DESIGN OF THE X-BLADES MAIN CHARACTER. I will rant about it later on Japanator.

4.)I write for Japanator. We're a sexy, perverted bunch. We're not afraid to admit it.

5.)I grew up in Saudi Arabia where I had plenty of American and British friends which honed my english skillz. So when I came to America, I wasn't a FOB. I even dated HAPAs and they turned out to be crazy. Psycho crazy. I kinda like that.

6.) Im somewhat of a cheap person. Both my parents were from poor families in the Philippines and that was why I grew up mainly overseas where they worked earning more than they would back in the old country. I would often think twice about buying stuff. I would always get only ONE present each for Christmas and my birthday. Nerd and Cheap aren't really the best combination.

7.) I was arrested only a few weeks before leaving Saudi Arabia for the US. Because I jaywalked and a cop saw me and checked my backpack. They found a bunch of blank CDs in my backpack and assumed it was porn (which is illegal in that country) and detained me and my friends for over 6 hours. The reason I crossed the street was so I can join my girlfriend's family for a holiday party. When the Religious police couldnt arrest me for anything since they had no reason to, they thought I was going to do something immoral with my girlfriend and almost tried to marry us. The real kicker is that they thought that the eldest sister was my girlfriend at the time but it was really the youngest one.

8.) I was somewhat tech savvy for a young'un. Saudi Arabia was a weird country, it's ports was open to a variety of electronics from all over the world. When I was 7 years old, I knew the difference between the different voltage requirements for the US and Europe and I knew the difference between PAL and NTSC.

9.) I grew up with a Famicom and Mega Drive. I have never had a Genesis nor a NES.

10.) Piracy was how I played the same games that you got. Actually I got games from all over thanks to piracy. I remember getting halfway into Rockman Dash 2 before ever playing Megaman Legends 2. Since Saudi Arabia got shit from all over, prices were jacked up to 2 or 3 times where it originally cost. Like say an original $40 dollar game cost about almost $130 when imported into Saudi Arabia. Like I said, we were poor and I loved gaming. Now Im in the US and is buying nothing but NEW GAMES. Fuck used games.

11.) My PSP and my XBOX 360 were both won from High School After Prom parties. Where Im from we have an after prom party to keep kids from going out and drinking. This was when I was introduced to black jack and I scored so many raffle tickets and got a PSP. That was the first afterprom party I went to, I was a high school senior twice, since I came to the US so late in the school year I had to take a complete my whole senior year. I went to another after prom party later that year and scored a ton on black jack again. I won an XBOX 360. Fuck yeah.

12.) I thought Napoleon Dynamite sucked ass. Anyone who admitted to liking it in High School only said that so they coould look cool in front of other people.

13.) I like to cosplay as my hero. It was also my dream as a high school senior to start up a gaming blog just so that I could get into E3 when gaming blogs were taking off back in 2005. But things change and couldnt really do it anymore since E3 was teh suckage. Someone else did pursue that dream and pulled it off...

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