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BabaGeek: More Lullabys with 100% more video's

A while ago I posted a cblog about me creating lullabies for my kids. This time I got a new one about Mega Man that is much longer, and I got video's of me singing. They are horrible and terribly embarrassing, so have fun making fun ;)

Doctor Light's Son:

Rock my little lab helper
My love for you grows much deeper
I think of you as my son
And marvel as I watch you run

Our world cowers in such fear
As Dr. Wily draws so near
Its time for you to make a stand
You need to save our just land

You must change into Mega Man
So you can kick some major can
Your transformation will complete
The need for you to be leet

Your task is not an easy one
Just stay the course till you have won
Don't you worry, don't you fret
Rush will help you with this threat

Your Mega Buster is sure fun
Dispensing pews on evil scum
The Robot Masters are your foes
Steal their weapons for your woes

The final fight will test your might
The end is now within your sight
When the last rival is a heap
At last it will be time for sleep

An Ode to Nintendo:

Hush little Super Mario
Papa's gunna buy you a Nintendo
And if that screen should go grey
Papa's gunna blow it and make it play
And if that console gets lame
Papa's gunna buy a new game
And if that next gen system sucks
We'll go back to hunting ducks
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