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11 Things you didn't know about GuitarAtomik

Yeah, I just one upped half of you! Let's do this!

1] I wanted to be a paleontologist
I had an unhealthy obsession with dinosaurs as I child (and still kind of do). More so than the average child since at age 9 I could tell you what order the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods came in as well as name which dinosaurs would have lived in each. Beyond that, I could name (and pronounce) well over 50 dinosaurs and would correct my 2nd grade teacher on it all the time.

So naturally I wanted to be a paleontologist for the longest time until I realized that I'd basically be traveling to God forsaken places and digging through dirt for days on end to uncover pieces of bone instead of reverse engineering them back to life or something.

2] Marquesaur
I LOVE candy. The weird thing about it though is that it calms me down instead of hypes me up and it used to be that if I didn't have any for a long period of time, I would get the equivalent of a sugar rush. So one time while hanging out with some friends during a long night, I got so hyped up that I started speaking as if I was a pokemon named Marquesaur. You could also probably chalk that up to late night delirium but either way I refused to stop until we could go on a candy run to the gas station where I bought a big ass bag of candy that brought me back down. It was funny at the time. I swear.

3] Boredom Toss
One time I was bored and got this brilliant idea to pick up my step brother, toss him directly away from me, and see if I could catch him in the air. I was about 14 at the time and he was probably 9 or 10. Needless to say, I didn't and he hit the ground pretty hard on his back. Supposedly he had a little bit of hearing trouble after that and it could probably be linked back to that incident (Oops!).

4] I've never done drugs
Despite what many people (apparently) think, I just never got around to it and none of my close friends were still in to it by the time I started hanging out with them. I don't look down on people that do though since I don't think alcohol is any �better� and I drink the shit out of alcohol.

5] Antonio Tarver
I'm a cousin of Antonio Tarver the boxer who was the black guy Rocky fought in the last Rocky. My mother's maiden name and my middle name are Tarver as well. I've never met the guy though.

6] Death Loves
Some of you might already know about this since I posted about it a loooong time ago but before I KILL PXLS, I did more of a industrial rock music type of thing inspired by Orgy and Nine Inch Nails called Death Loves. I know that sounds emo but it was supposed to be a play on the way Japanese bands take two random English words and create a band name out of it (Go!Go!7188, Supercar, Mad Capsule Markets, Porno Graffiti, etc). I stopped doing it since the tone was kind of dark (despite not being all that serious) and I just wanted to do something more light and fun. Also, I sucked at playing guitar. If you really want to listen to it, I left the myspace up for history's sake and because I've never really had the heart to take it down since it was my first real music baby. Just a warning though, the mixing was horrible and sounds even worse on myspace.

7] I've dated more than one white girl with extremely racist fathers
What can I say. I like danger.

8] I used to be (and still sort of am) deathly shy
I've been that way my entire life so I guess it was pre-programmed. It used to be a whole lot worse though where I wouldn't go to stuff like school dance, or I'd barely be able to talk to people I didn't know. I somehow got a girlfriend in 6th grade and managed to never talk to her directly (I think we only communicated through notes). She moved to a different school and when I saw her two years later, I literally locked up and couldn't physically move or talk until she had left (luckily she either didn't recognize or see me). I've worked through it over the years though and I'm a lot better now approaching a level more �normal� though I can still feel the effects of it dragging me back more than I'd like. Alcohol helps too haha.

9] Karaoke shyness
Sort of related to the last one, but I'm more nervous singing karaoke on stage in front of people than I am singing my own songs. I really don't know why. I guess it's because I don't know other songs as well as I know my own and I know people will know when I screw it up.

10] I used to play football
When I tell most people that the first thing they say is �Really?!�. But yeah, I used to play little league football since 2nd grade all the way up until I graduated middle school. I played full back in Pee Wee, until I moved to Sarasota where I was tight end, and defensive end. I was good enough to be on the traveling all-star team for the two years I was eligible where they even tried me at nose guard. I quit playing mostly because I was pissed they weren't throwing me the ball enough (in their defense, most little league quarter backs aren't good at passing), I was tired of practicing so hard all week while the kids who didn't were getting all the glory, and I knew I wasn't going to grow big enough to go to the NFL. Believe it or not, the coaches on my team begged me to come back.

11] I almost (sort of did) punched a kid over french fries
Anyone who knows me knows I'm about as laid back and easy going as anyone could get (maybe too much). But the few people who have managed to piss me off to a certain level know there's a different side that you do not want to fuck with and if you manage to get me there, you probably deserve whatever wrath is coming your way.

So in middle school there was this one kid who was extremely annoying but no matter how much my friends and I tried to avoid him, he kept hanging around us. Well almost every day he would steal a handful of fries from my tray at lunch. You have to understand that I'm an extremely picky eater and unless it was chicken nugget day, pretty much the only thing I would eat during lunch was the french fries they sold every day. Those fries were my sustenance for the entire day and I didn't have a lot.

So anyway he would do this every day and laugh his ass off thinking he was funny until one day he did it and I snapped. I don't even remember throwing the punch. All I remember is him grabbing a handful of fries and the next thing I knew, my fist was flying towards his head with fries flying in the air like confetti. Luckily (for both of us probably since this was at school) he was just far enough across the table for my punch to stop an inch in front of his forehead. He nervously laughed it off and never tried to steal my fries again.
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