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Afro Samurai Pre-Order Figurine Is Made of Awesome

I meant to post about this yesterday but I couldn't find my digi-cam, but it's been found soooo... Anyone else who got the pre-order figurine surprised by the quality? It's shorter then what I thought it would be (about 5 inches tall) but god damn if the quality isn't pretty damn nice for a pre-order bonus.

The figure came with Afro's katana and sheath which are removable. There are also two holes in the back of Afro's head where the number one headband string can be placed giving him that bad ass look.

Aside from the figure; the packaging for the game is also really nice. Outside of the regular PS3 box is a paper slip cover which opens up to some nice artwork and a bit of information about the game.

I thought this was really cool since I haven't since this type of special packaging in a while. I used to see it mostly on PC games but I haven't bought one in years, so I don't know if it's done a lot anymore. So, all in all, regardless if the game is good or bad(I haven't had the chance to try it out) I would say that this package is a must have for any self-respecting Afro Samurai fan.
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