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Introducing: the Seattle-Vancouver NARP group


Hey Dtoiders! I'm The Pelkus, and I'm here to inform you of a new Destructoid community in Seattle! We're actually combining forces with the current Vancouver group - led by the lustrous, illustrious DJ Duffy - to form ONE SUPER GROUP, like Velvet Revolver or the Jonas Brothers.

Together, we're hoping to get NARPs popping up around here like zits on your uncle's ass*, but without any of the herbal salves to make them go away in 24-48 hours. While we don't have any specific plans yet, the Destructoid anniversary is coming up in March, there's this little thing called PAX going on in August, and we're hoping to fill in the blanks between, so you can bet that the local power grid is going to see its capacity taxed as console hard drives spin up on both sides of the border. On the bright side, the heating bill should be pretty low until my cat jumps on my PS3, dashes around the house, and sets everything ablaze, god bless the little fire hazard.

Anyway! If you're local to the Seattle area and you like to game, join up with our Google group! If you're local to Vancouver and you like to game, join up with our Google group! If you'd like to help a poor Nigerian prince launder to his riches for the promise of a sizeable portion, please do not talk to me! But we're looking forward to hearing from all of you, gaming with all of you, and waking up next to you in strange locations with no memory of how we got there or why we're all wearing the front halves of cow costumes**.

The Vancouver-Seattle group; or
The Seattle-Vancouver group; or
The North Pacific Treaty Organization; and
My parole officer, Stanley Henderson, who must approve everything I do on the internet

PS: We have a google group - http://groups.google.com/group/destructoid-vancouver-seattle

* Donkey
** Except for CTZ, who's the ass*** end.
*** Rectum
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