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Aborto's Sketchbook: Part 1

As promised here is some of my work. For those of you looking at this who want to know why I have all of a sudden decided to display my work then head over to my recent 10 things post to get the full story on why after almost 2 years of being on Destructoid I have finally decided to do this.

I say part 1 because I have plenty of other stuff I am currently working on that I can share. Some of which are even Destructoid related. Not to mention I could make even more stuff.

That said come on in and have a look around!

This one isn't colored because I wasn't really sure whether or not it would look as good in color as it looks in black and white. I intend to go back in and color it at some point in time, but not anytime soon. There are other things I want to work on and finish and I think this looks fine as it is.
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