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I don't ask much from you guys...

...but I think I've earned a "ask Dtoid for help" moment.

Earlier today, I was playing my Dreamcast. It's always had an issue where unless the controller cord was
positioned perfectly in the console (sometimes to the point where I need to have something supporting it from
underneath), it wouldn't be read at all. Today, i finally opened up the console, thinking something was loose
and could be tightened. Well, I found this.

Obviously, theres something wrong with my Dreamcast. The first thing it reminded me of was when a battery
has been sitting for too long, or been inside a device for too long and the acid begins to leak and forms this
sort of buildup. Anyone familiar with this? Any ideas on what I can do to fix/clean this?

Sorry bout the shitty focus in the second picture, it's a shitty camera. Also, huge pics are kinda huge.
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