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Not So Turning Point Rig: 2009 Edition

Originally posted at http://www.mediawhorenetwork.com/2009/01/obligotary-gaming-brothel-

I meant to get this done by the end of last year but certain events which I won't go into detail about, prevented me from doing it. So now, a little later than planned, here is a look at my gaming brothel, year 2.

First off we have my laptop, very kindly given to me as an early Christmas present. Apologies for the bad lighting, but it's the camera, not me but I'm not complaing since it was free. It may not be able to play games well but I've had no problem with it after I installed XP as a dual boot. Screw Vista. You can see me having just logged on to IRC to talk with the other whores. I won't list the specs since they're nothing special.

My new baby monitor that I got after Christmas. I lived on a 15' CRT for nearly 16 years for gaming and it just had to go. So now I've got this 19' LG monitor, HD and all. The only downside is that I'll need a VGA Box before I can use it for anything other than an Xbox 360. As for the sound, it's nothing special, just a cheap pair of 2.0 speakers made to work with the 360's VGA cable via a stereo jack coupler. It's no 50' Samsung TV like Excremento just got, but it'll do for me. Also, notice the two dogs, because a winner always needs Gromit and a Scooby Doo knockoff to cheer him on. (Since the picture was taken, the speakers have been replaced with better ones)

Here we can see the Xbox 360, which is proudly running with a green light, for now fingers crossed. You can also see a PS2 GH3 Kramer and a tempermental 360 GH3 Les Paul, although ironically, I hardly play Guitar Hero. I'm a Rock Band man. As you can see, there's a USB cable coming out the Xbox 360. That's because I prefer to use a wired controller, as I can put up with wires for the sake of not worrying about battery life. I do have a wireless controller though for when I need it. Now wait a minute, what's that box of a certain robot's image down there?

Ah yes of course! It's my homemade Mr.Destructoid helmet that I made for a charity "rockfest". Since its job was done I've used it for storing all the controllers and wires for my other consoles. They wait patiently to once again be used once I get a VGA box. There's also a PSone at the bottom acting as a brain.

Here's my "bunch of random wires and crap" basket , containing all kinds of plugs, cables and connectors. We also have my logitech mic for eventual podcasting and Rock Band singing marathons as well as my DS, Xbox 360 wireless controller and my recently obtained iPod Nano.

My Xbox 360 games, there on the table for easy access. They're also in order of played, for more ease of access. As you can see, I've been neglecting Crackdown, but I blame them damn Russians on the second island. You can also see my "epic" collection of DVDs owned by ME. Still, The Dark Knight, Ghostbusters and Family Guy season 1 isn't a bad start. Man does this camcorder suck for photos.

And finally, all my other games as well as a random bunch of crap that I couldn't find room for. Also notice the Megadrive games hiding at the left. Nothing much else to say here since you can't really tell which games are which. I hope you enjoyed laughing at my excuse for a gaming brothel, but I'm proud of what I've achieved in a year.

Also, cocks.
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