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Upcoming DtoidLA Events!

Hello friends!

Did you miss us? I know we haven't been around in a while, but we're back with some exciting news about some upcoming parties we're having!

First up, for those of you who don't know, Dexter and KyleGamgee have been actively working on doing something or other in Rock Band so that they can unlock the Endless Setlist. Mostly, they will be playing Rock Band while the rest of us get trashed and heckle them the entire time. It's gonna be hot, and likely broadcast through Stickam! Plus there'll be food and the giant slide. Mark your calendars for February 28th!

Also coming up is the combination Dtoid Anniversary/Pi Day/Dexter will be a Ph.D candidate party on March 14th! It will be people hanging out, playing video games, and drinking, but with the added bonus of there being a lot of pie. Assuming everything goes well, all the regional groups will be broadcasting their Anniversary parties so we can all party together while being so far apart.

If any of these sound like fun to you, and you live in the Los Angeles area, go ahead and join our awesome GoogleGroup to stay updated on all the amazing things we do out here. If you don't live in LA, but you just really love us like Tactix and TopGear, you can join too and hear about all the awesome stuff we do.


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