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Europeans! Unite like the European Union! -> the start of the dtoidEurope-group...

A way to connect all europeans and organise meetups, narps and the rest a whole lot easier :-)
A lot of US-cities have a google-group and blog to easily connect to eachother, now us Eurofags have our own group and blog ( banner should be redesigned asap as it merely shows my first tryout in GIMP, same goes for the avatar but that was second, submit your designs to the googlegroup! ) .

So as for the events that are coming, as you'll see on the googlegroup, 2 of them have been added already.


febuary 2009
1. MiniRetroEuroNARP in honour of mistic's birthday
Country: Belgium
Date: 21 + 22 February 2009
organiser: mistic
Description: Small version of the EURONARP, only retro-consoles allowed ( nothing of 'this gen' ), max 10 people

september 2009
Country: Belgium
Date: 4+5+6 september 2009
organiser: mistic
Description: Second Edition of the EURONARP, bigger, badder and more badass! ;-)

So if you have any more events coming up, or are planning to organise a few, simply join the group and start contributing!

I sadly can't access gmail from work, so I will only be able to 'allow' new members into the group in the evening for the next few days ;-)

With this, I say good evening to you all, and now I'll go outside to smoke a bit :-)
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About DtoidEuropeone of us since 11:10 AM on 01.26.2009

Eurofags Unite like the European Union!

We are DtoidEurope, a group for all you Europeans amidst this sea of Americans :-) We've got the benefit of free universal healthcare, so we don't have to be as carefull as those American pansies... Therefor each EuroNARP so far has been a race to see who crashes first, the drunk gamer or the overheated consoles?

Since last year we've even taken over the crown of the biggest gaming event with "GamesCom 2009" which officially had more visitors then E3 and Tokyo Game Show, so to celebrate that we'll be having an organised visit over there to represent dtoid!

If you're from Europe, just join this group, even if you're currently not even thinking about joining in in any events, you never know if one will tickle your fancy and make you change your mind :-) You'd be mad not to join in in our events, you can see what we've done before in the links provided :-)

Be sure to join our googlegroup so we can keep you updated about our activities ;-)

and our facebook-group:
DtoidEurope Facebookpage

Past Events:

The very first EuroNARP
NintendoNARP, only nintendo-related consoles
SEGANARP, title says it all
The second iteration of the EuroNARP
Intermediate NARP

Teh Lair: the place where we've done all our euronarps

links to the other Dtoid-City-Groups in case you were wandering lost in the darkness and stumbeled onto our page :-)

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