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Fallout 3 Operation Anchorage: Short Review/Impressions


Fallout 3 is such a hard game to really appreciate. The incredibly long intro, wonky love-or-hate combat system, debatable lack of hand-holding, and bleak, depressing atmosphere certainly don't help put the game on the top of peoples' must play list. Fallout 3 requires commitment. Almost as much as a naggy girlfriend, but its much less of a burden as you cannot hurt a DVD's feelings. Even if it had feelings it wouldn't matter as its a videogame and it won't whine if you ignore it to...well, play it if you catch my drift. Paradox. Yeah...annnway.

Operation Anchorage does not change much formula-wise. It only leans toward the combative side of the gameplay. There is very little to explore (suitcases, huzzah) and the dialouge is minimal, so if you're looking for some heavy moral drama this isn't for you. OA is very action oriented. You can choose to be stealthy in parts, or just run and gun like you own the place. Of course, the way you play will affected by what level you are. I would assume its a much more difficult affair with lower leveled characters, but since I was playing with a level 20, I had no problem whatsoever.

A nice change is the color. Instead of a gray and brown palette we get blue and white! The difference is nice, but despite the much brighter array of color, I still found the game to have a very dark and gritty feel. Yeah, its still depressing, but considering the circumstances (god damn REDS) its very acceptable.

If you like the loot in Fallout 3, then the DLC may be worth it alone for that. You get some hellishly-hot (HAR) looking gear. If you've been following the DLC news you probably know what it is, but I'll keep a lid on it just in case. None of the gear is anything groundbreaking or gameplay changing, but it still looks slick as hell. Also, the Gauss Rifle is pure win.

If you did not enjoy Fallout 3 extensively, then you will not necessarily enjoy this DLC. If you enjoyed Fallout 3 extensively, then you will probably enjoy it. For ten bucks you get about 3-5 hours of gameplay and some new gear. In the end, its like Fallout 3 on steroids (PICTURE NOW RELEVANT). With a larger focus on action and cinematics, its a great, yet linear experience. As a fan, I thought it was a great time and nice reminder that I've still only discovered about 20% of the locations.

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