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Fallout 3 Operation: Anchorage Impressions

As we all know, today Bethesda released the first DLC package for Fallout 3 on the XBOX 360. Operation: Anchorage.

First off let me say that I unconditionally LOVED Fallout 3, to me it was perfect, it could do no wrong. So I was, to say the least, VERY excited about Operation: Anchorage. And again Bethesda did not disappoint me with this DLC. Taking place inside a VR simulation that you are asked to enter by the Brotherhood Outcasts , you know those guys in the red and black power armor that broke off from the Brotherhood that helps you out for final half of the game, Operation:Anchorage is a simulation of the battle of Anchorage Alaska in January 2077 (This date is on one of the newspaper slides that show up on the loading screen). Your character takes the role of an American Army special ops soldier charged with taking back Anchorage from the Chinese army currently overtaking the area. After the initial assault on the heavy artillery on the cliffs of Anchorage, you have three more objectives.

1) Destroy a fuel depot so the Chinese can no longer fuel their Chimera Tanks, which are modified drilling machines, kinda look like a miniature Shagohad from MGS3.
2) Takeover a Chinese listening post so the American Army can use it ti spy on Chinese transmissions.
3) Once the two prior objectives are complete, the player must take down a pulse barrier that prevents the army from taking down the Chinese stronghold.

All 4 objectives can be competed by a veteran player in about 2 hours, as usual however you can explore to your hearts content. After the first part of the mission you gain control of a small squad which you can customize which type of unit is int he squad. The squad is useful at points, but can just as easily be left behind, with out consequence. There is also a small diversion where you can find 10 pieces of intel in Anchorage, though I'm not sure what they are for.

I was entertained, and was not let down by Operation: Anchorage. I highly recommended it for everyone who wants to wander the wasteland once more... Just be warned.. its Fucking Cold.

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