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DtoidFlorida is still in the building!


Hello my fellow robot soldiers down in the penis of the United States. I know it's been awhile but a new resurgence of the community spirit has flowed through the site and this pleases me greatly. I have taken the time to create a new Google Group for those who call Florida home. The emailer will be a way for us to keep in contact, keep each other busy at work, and most importantly invite each other to one another's massive orgy parties. I mean....NARPs...that's what I meant. NARP.

It's quite easy to sign up as well. Just click here or here and follow the instructions.

As many of you may know, Destructoid's 3rd birthday is coming up quickly and a massive party will be going down in Miami this year. Use the emailer to see if you can share a room with someone while going down. Because if you live in Florida and don't make it down, you weill be severely beaten.
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About DtoidOrlandoone of us since 3:25 PM on 05.01.2008

Welcome to the Destructoid Florida group. This blog is for all Destructiod soldiers that are in, near, or visiting the extremely long state of Florida. The purpose of the group is to have some structure when it comes to planning NARPs, conventions, local gaming events, or even just to meet up at Downtown Disney. We have a lot to do here so we should get together and do it! This is strictly done for the community and by the community because that's how we operate here at Destructiod.

If you have something going down in Florida and want to get the word out to your fellow Dtoiders, PM this address and we'll make it happen! Also PM me so I can add you to my list of friends because having no friends is laym.

Here's a list of all of the DToidNARP groups. Go to the one that applies to you and add them to
your friend's list!