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Well, It's official, xbox wins.


So I never though it would happen... but the other day.... it did So I went over to my friends house the other day because he just got a new ps3 and wanted me to try out LBP so I went over there. Now, before I go on... let me say i used to be all about ps2 I always got games for that first and ps2 was kinda the generic answer to any video game related question. (kinda like how "coke" is any soda or "nintendo" used to be that back in the NES days.) Ok anyways, moving on so now that I only have an xbox 360 the xbox has become my new generic video game name. I didn't think anything of it, It seemed normal because that's the only system I had.


When I was going through the first LBP tutorial level it said something along the lines of "press x to do this" so without thinking, I started pressing what I thought was "X" on the ps3 controller... after about 5 presses of nothing happening, I looked down and almost had a heart attack... that was no X at all!! It was the Square button!! It was a startling revelation... I realized that the xbox 360 controller had become the official controller in my brain that was second nature! This was a crazy because even though I hadn't played the ps2 or ps3 all that much since my 360.. I still figured it was second nature and I could play it whenever I felt like.. NOPE!

The xbox has won people don't fight it.
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