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The Joy: Resident Evil *shortblog/not-a-rant/video*


We can argue all we want about Resident Evil and its control scheme. We can argue about the lack of innovation. We can argue about how it isn't scary anymore, but we cannot argue the joy it brings those who find the forumla appealing (and vise versa).

That video is a friend and I around three years ago playing Mercenaries. Its a mode based entirely on the core gameplay and you only succeed with skill. My friend was fairly new while playing. He didn't own any system of his own at the time (until I gave him the cube with RE4). Regardless, he fucking loves it...and, as you can see by my pussy-like reactions, the new RE formula still maintains some form of horror. The game makes me more tense than most any movie I've seen in recent memory.

This was not made as an argument, this not was made because I'm a Resident Evil fanboy and wanted to show people that, yes, it is a good formula and there is no reason RE5 can't be good as well just because it doesn't change much. No, this was made because I cried myself to sleep last night thinking about all the horrible things people were saying about my baby. I told myself to think rationally, to not care what the naysayers naysay. There are people that love the game and there are people who can't take it, understandably so.

Everyone has their opinion and they're entitled to it. I just need to blog about it so the pain goes away.

Its hard for me to understand why I wrote this and what my motivation or goal was. In the end I guess I was just trying to say...GOD BLESS AMERICA.
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