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RE 5 demo sucks

How is it that in 2009 Capcom can still create a game that doesn't allow the virtual equivalent of chewing gum and walking?!!! I can't shoot a gun while I walk? I can't reload my weapon while I walk? I still have to use a menu for switching items instead of having a quick swap?

What the fuck is wrong with Capcom that they think this kind of control scheme is still viable? I know there are quite a few folks who hold RE 4 as a great game...Me personally? The control issues (which are basically the same thing) lead me to dislike the game. When you play RE 4, or the demo for 5, for all intents and purposes it is no longer a survival horror game so much as it is an action game...Only the action is kind of an oxymoron since action would infer that it is, in fact, action packed as opposed to action impaired.

I would think that there will be some sort of upgrade system included in RE 5 like there was in 4...Maybe they will give that some kind of context in 5, but the gunplay is still as stale...While the hit detection seems far better in the demo than it was in 4, the pistol is just as powerless as it was in 4...At least this time headshots seem to register like they should.

I think at some point people who loved the RE series when it began need to let Capcom know that what they are doing is no longer up to par. Poor controls were a lot easier to deal with when the original dropped because it was new, and delivered thrills. The only thing thrilling about the series lately has been when I turn it off.
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