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Duke Nukem Forever Release Date Guess


Dear Dtoid readers,
I was recently thinking about Duke Nukem Forever release date. Well after watching the trailer a 2nd time I notice the American flag. Now if I put U.S. flag plus the word forever (4) I get Fourth of July, which is my guess for the release date for Duke Nukem game. Im pretty sure 3D Realms might show the game in action during this years e3 June 2-4, 2009. My other guess would be this summer of 09. I just found this recently on saying this, On January 12th, 2009 George Broussard posted on his Twitter account "Game developers often say 'Cutting is shipping'. We begin this year with a vengeance and a chainsaw". Now who is George Broussard, maybe someone involved with Duke Nukem from the past or present? George Broussard is a game producer and designer known in the PC game community as one of the two creators of the widely successful Duke Nukem series. Duke Nukem was original released on PC: January 29, 1996 and MAC a year later. The game looks ready to launch this year.

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