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Skipping School for Animal Crossing

I am a bad man.

There was only one time in my life I skipped school to play a video game. Most people would brag about missing classes to beat Ocarina of Time in less than a day, or leaving after first period to go play God of War. I on the other hand, am not one of those people. I skipped school to play Animal Crossing.

I had just received my GameCube for Christmas. I was ecstatic to start playing Rogue Squadron 3 and my Zelda Collection. One thing I didn't see coming was this little interior decorating game called Animal Crossing. Who would have thought paying off a massive debt to a bitchy little raccoon could be so addicting? The next thing I knew, I was feigning sickness and lying down on my beanbag, picking apples and running errands for villagers. This continued for seven hours.

I got to the point where there was nothing left to do in the village. I had run all the errands. I had caught all the fish. I had plucked all the apples. Yet, I was a content 11 year-old. Perhaps in the future, this gaming epiphany will serve me well. I'll always have a sick looking bedroom, and I'll always make payments on my house on time.

Although, it would help if my landlord were a raccoon.
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