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Marvel vs. Capcom, Happy BURFDAY


January 23, 1998 Marvel vs. Capcom is released in North America and it's been a decade (11yrs). So guess what I did went across the street in a Laundromat that has Neo-Geo and Marvel vs. Capcom right beside it. The Laundromat use to have a pinball machine, Killer Instinct, many other Neo-Geo games. I never knew why i can sometimes easily play as Evil Ryu, which is actually Akuma powers. It was released on Arcade, Sega Dreamcast, and PlayStation. I use play this all the time anywhere because of all the characters you get to play including hidden stuff. The Duo Team Attack allowed a player to control both characters on his or her team simultaneously for a brief period of time. the characters had the ability to use their super moves to finish the opponent faster and worthwhile in 2-D. The gameplay was pretty good and fluid with all those 2d sprites flashing all over the stages.


Also enjoy this small show from the past, in which they mostly review great games.
In this episode they talk about MVC in all its glory and some retro games.

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