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Keeping your ps3 healthy

Hello all, i'll cut right down to business here.

I know and have heard a few people are having problems with their ps3 and i have a few simple rituals that i do to keep mine healthy. I highly suggest them to all ps3 and console owners.

#1: Always eject after a game/bluray/dvd after using it. That disc slowly spins in the tray and the lasre is on too. Its called wear and tear, that motor is running and can help to burn it out quicker, same thing with the laser. So always try to eject and put the game away after using it, when you turn the system back on it will ingest the disc back into the tray, try to keep that tray motor from running if you can by taking the disc out completely.

#2: Keep it standing up. Heat travels up, the vents are on the side, you have it turned up, the vents are now up, allowing the heat that fan don't catch to escape through the vent. We all now how hot the machine gets and by keeping it flat the heat rises to the top and slowly seeps out the side vent, eliminate that by standing that bugger up.

#3: Clean, clean, suck it clean. Always wipe the dust off of it, we know how its a magnet for dust and it will get inside the console. My method is not just to use duster because just that alone will move the dust to places where it wasn't before but if you want to use duster or any kind of compressed air/Co2 then stick a good vacuum cleaner up to the back vents and turn it on, the duster will move the dust into the air and the vacuum will suck it out. I infact don't use duster but just a vacuum cleaner with a small hose attachment and put it on all the vents on the console, after a good wipe down of course, then i turn the console on and use the vacuum again but just in the back vents. I don't know if it is okay to use duster anyway, so use it a you own risk.

#4: Keep your games clean. Wipe them down if you have to, just don't scratch them. The laser is really powerful and and you don't want to make it try to read something it can't due to dust or scratches. A less burden on the hardware is always a good thing. And keep your games in the cases, thats how dust and scrathes mainly occur, from them getting on the disc and us trying to clean that disc but not doing it gently enough. It doesn't take much to clean a dirty disc.

And thats about all i can think of at this time. I have a launch 60 gig(now 250) with linux installed and over sixty games on the hdd. Its been dropped 18 inches and has a scar on her face that would make Tony Montana look like a pussy, been in a backpack traveling with me from florida to north carolina in a greyhound bus, put in a freezer because i thought my download speeds were way to slow and i wanted to see if cooling it down would help (it didn't, it was my modem not "standing up" a reference to #2 but a different electronic), and has been a top notch performer playing games. The only time it freezes is when i use the shitty browser. But i follow these steps myself and it runs like deer, a john deere.

I hope these may help keep your system healthy like mine has been.

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