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*NVGR* A Genuinely Scary Story: Part 9 The Finale

Ok people, finally the end to our story. For those of you who have been reading this, thank you for the comments, it's been fun to write this. Enjoy the last part!

I looked around at the group. Even in the almost total darkness, I could see them all with shocked looks on their faces. Mr. Lobos was still staring at the shack. My gaze drifted over to the shack. I could see it all now. The doorway, the main room, and the bedroom. I got to my feet and turned on the light, I had to see for myself. Someone asked what I was doing but I didn't answer. I walked in through the doorway.

The main room's roof was still intact. I looked around it and tried to imagine what it might have looked like back in the time of the story. There was a old fireplace on the far wall. I swung my flashlight to the right and looked through the doorway. That was the room that had the wall fall in. That was the room the little girl was killed in. I turned to the left and saw the door to the master bedroom The door was falling off it's hings. Between the space of the door and the frame i could see into the room. There was some kind of dark stain against the wall. i shuddered at the thought of what it could be. Looking back into the main room, I saw the doorway leading to the cellar. I walked up to it, grasped the doorknob and i pulled it open.

I shone my flashlight down.


I slowly closed the door and walked back out to the group. Shawn and Phil were waiting for me at the door. Shawn spoke to me.

"So, what did you find?"

I stumbled past him and sat back down on the bench. Katie and Erica came to my side and asked if I was ok. I looked at the ground, oblivious to the voices around me. Mr. Lobos called everyone back to the benches.

"I know what he saw," Mr. Lobos stated, "He went looking for some proof to the story and found it. He saw the chains in the cellar."

This caused me to look up. I stared at Mr. Lobos. For some reason, I was mad at him. Mad for him bringing us out here, most likely. I was terrified at the same time. I just wanted to scream at him, to unleash my feelings of frustrations of not being able to comprehend what was going on in this bush. I started to feel sick to my stomach. Mr. Lobos told us that we would stick around for a while and see if anything happened.

For 20 minutes we sat mostly in silence. A couple times, someone thought they had heard something and pointed it out, but each time nothing was found or heard after. We started to talk again, the feelings of terror slowly started to subside and we started to joke and talk again. Eventually, I joined in too. We talked about the Paris Hilton sex tape again, this time commenting on the film quality. It was getting fairly in depth. It was here when I realized that Erica hadn't said anything in a long time. I looked over to her. She was staring straight up into the tree tops.

I said her name. No response.

I said it again. Still no response.

This had gotten Mr. Lobos' attention. He got up from his seat staring at Erica. He moved over to the start of the path back down to Upper trail and stood against a tree. I said Erica's name again and grabbed her arm. She screamed.

She immediately got up to run but Mr. Lobos was there to stop her. He had seen what was happening and had bet that this would play out. Flailing in his arms, the group ran over to help hold Erica back. I pointed my flashlight up into the trees and turned it on. To this day I don't know what I actually saw, but there and then, I was certain I saw a small foot disappearing up into the branches. Not taking my eyes or the flashlight off the tree tops, I started to back away from the benches.

"Mr. Lobos," I called out, "We gotta go! NOW!"

He agreed.

With me leading the way I ran down the path to Upper trail. As I burst out from the ceder trees, I swept my flashlight down both directions of the trail. Something darted off the trail and into the bushes. It made the two-foot sound. I shouted for them to hurry up. Finally everyone was back on the trail when we heard wood smash and splinter back up at the shack. The sound was followed by loud footsteps on the hardwood floors and onto the earth. Something was following us! We started to run.

We ran for about 10 minutes before the footsteps stopped. We ran a bit more to make sure we weren't still being followed. When it was clear that we weren't the group began to question Erica in hushed tones.

"What did you see?"

"Are you alright?"

"Erica, what was it?"

"Tell us!"

"Enough guys."

Mr. Lobos was the last to speak. We all remained silent as he went to the back of the group and seemed to stare into the darkness. He came back to the lead.

"Alright, let's keep going. Slowly though. Luke, turn off your flashlight."

I reluctantly obeyed.

We started to walk as we had when we first entered on Lower trail, with me in caboose. Although I heard sounds around me, I didn't bring any of them to the attention of the group, I just wanted to get out. Everyone else seemed to have the same idea. No one asked the group to stop even though there were many sounds emanating from the Bush. I was just beginning to feel hopeful when I bumped into something.

It was Phil. For some reason he had stopped dead in his tracks. He hadn't said anything and the rest of the group was continuing on.

"Come on Phil," I said, "the group's still going and I don't want to get lost."

It was then when I looked at his head. He was staring to the right, down the slope. I squinted to see he face. His jaw was dropped and his eyes were wide. I followed his eyes down the hill and saw something that to this day still gives me nightmares.

I saw a pair of vivid, glowing yellow eyes. Since there was no light, the colour was burning in the eyes themselves. It was the same hue as the numbers on an digital alarm clock. I became frozen to the spot. They were far away, still at the bottom of the hill. In my head I was screaming, but that was all I could do. My body was unable to move, my vocal cords were paralyzed After what seemed to be an eternity, I managed to gather enough saliva to clear my throat. I screamed for Mr. Lobos. The eyes began to move.

With my scream echoing around us, the eyes had begun to approach us with the same speed of urgency that I had called out with. I started screaming in terror as I saw this. To make it worse, the sound of the two-foot was attached to it. Its feet shuffled through the underbrush, flying up the hill, a seemingly impossible act in itself as the slope was very close to being a sheer drop off. The eyes were about 2 meters away when Mr. Lobos appeared.

He ran out from the darkness and threw a rock at the thing. The rock soared past Phil and I and went right for the eyes. The next thing I saw was unbelievable. The rock "hit" it right between the eyes. The eyes split apart about 4 inches, then shot off into two different directions. I stopped screaming, shocked by what I saw. Phil broke the silence by puking.

"What was that?" He asked when he was done heaving.

"A sign for us to go," Mr. Lobos answered.

We turn the flashlights on and started to run. We quickly found the rest of the group and started to head for the hill. As we ran, I could hear the the two-foot thing still in pursuit. The trees were starting to reveal more and more of the night sky. It was easier to see. We rounded a bend in the trail and in the flashlight's beam i could see two bridges one after another. We were so close to the exit! Our feet hammered down on the bridge as we ran over it. As we hit the second bridge we heard the two-foot thing cross the bridge as well. I looked back.

There were the eyes.

I started to scream and ran harder, the group must have looked back as well because they all started screaming and running faster too. We hit another bend in the trail and then at last I saw it. The exit. The moon was lighting the exit, it's rays pouring in through the opening. As we ran, a wind built like in Mr. Lobos' story, It was gentle at first, but as we ran it built, pushing us back. My clothing rippled against my body with the force of the wind. The trees and plants around us waved like water around us. With the last of my adrenaline, I pushed against the wind and burst out onto the field, escaping the confines of the bush. I ran about 50 meters out before I stopped. Breathing heavily, I turned around and was met by the rest of the group, each of them out of breath. I looked at the exit. The eyes were there, seemingly imprisoned within the darkness, unable to go into the moonlight. Slowly the eyes retreated into nothingness.

The feeling of fear began to dissipate and i started to laugh. My laughter echoed over the hill and into the Bush. I was joined by my friends. We all started to shed off the burden that we had felt for the past few hours. Mr. Lobos brought our attention back to the matter at hand and we started to walk back towards the van and for home.

As we walked back to the van I felt more and more relieved to be out of the Bush and to be alive. We walked back up the gravel road in quiet contemplation. Erica broke the silence.

"Mr. Lobos, I think you should know what I saw."

Mr. Lobos stopped and turned around.

"What did you see?"

Erica looked into his eyes. It was apparent she had some difficulty thinking about it.

"Well, while we were all talking, I started to hear something up in the trees, just like your brother did in the story you told us. But, when I looked up, I saw...I saw..."

She began to tear up.

"I saw a little girl. She was wearing an old style lace dress and her hair was blond and in dreads. She was climbing down the tree towards me. Then she looked down at me, but instead of a face, there was only a black void, except...except for two rows of sharp, white teeth. And when Luke grabbed my arm, she said my name."

The entire group remained silent, everyone was looking to Mr. Lobos.

"Thank you, Erica," he said, "but lets keep moving we need to get to the van."

We continued walking in silence. I kept looking over my shoulder to see if the eyes were still following us. I didn't spot them, much to my relief. I was just feeling like normal again when turned off the road and walked up to the van when I bumped into the group in front of me. They had all stopped. I took a step back and looked ahead of them. It was the van.

All the doors were open. The trunk was open and the hood was up. Everything inside the car was gone. My backpack was in there when we left, but now it was missing.

"What in the fu-," I start to say. But Mr. Lobos' grunts interrupted me.

He pulled off his face.

It was Mr. Sadistic. And he was holding a jar of anal lube.

Our screams filled the night air.

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