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Games That I Never Seem to Finish: Requesting Destructoid Community Input

If I were to post a list of the games I've completed, it would be 1/50 of the size of a list of the games I've played. I too suffer from gamer ADHD, and I'm asking you, Destructoid, what game I should play first. The games in question are listed below.

- Final Fantasy VII -

As I wrote in a previous blog post, Final Fantasy VII is a game that has been haunting me since I was only six years old. Since this game and I have a long term history and that the only Final Fantasy that I've ever finished was the Gameboy Advance remake of Final Fantasy 1, I'd like to be able to check this bad boy off of my list.

- Metroid Prime -

I remember getting lost on my two playthroughs of this game, not sure where I was or where I was supposed to be. This is one that I'd love to see through to completion.

- Rogue Galaxy -

I picked this up in the used game section of Blockbuster for about ten dollars. I'm a huge fan of Level 5 as a developer, and I know little about the games plot or what will eventually come from all of it. I do know that the main character isn't a total cliched prick and that the game is beautiful. It's also been called "what Final Fantasy XII" should have been, and I'd like to see for myself.

- Pikmin -

Shigeru Miyamoto never fails to please when he comes up with a new game concept. Even the WiiSeries of games has been somewhat enjoyable. Pikmin is yet another Gamecube game that haunts me with its existence, knowing that I left the tiny spaceman to die on the familiar planet. Plus, the Pikmin may be the cutest plants in existence.

- Super Mario World -

A childhood favorite, I'd like to crush Bowser and save Princess Peach. What more can I say? It's Mario!

- The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask -

I still believe that this game has the potential to be my favorite Zelda of all time, taking the throne from the Wind Waker. I haven't played it in years and going back to it with a different perspective might be what it takes to finally complete it.

There you have it Destructoid, I'll do a tallying system similar to what ThePhil did yesterday, and I'll play these games in the order that you decide.
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