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What I got while I was away and good news for Yaris Game haters :P

Hey all,
I've been rather quiet over the holiday period so I thought I'd give very brief heads up on what's been happening videogame-wise during my absence from this lovely community.

First of all, I got some sweet swag for christmas, my girlfriend's mum got me a PS3 with Little Big Planet (I totally shat bricks when I got it). It rocks balls so hard and I love it :)
Add me on PSN as Swift_Robot if ya like.

Next I received a new HORI EX2 stick for my 360 that I plan to customise with SANWA buttons and a new paint job hopefully before Feb 20 (Street Fighter IV day for us Aussies). And I also received a sweet poseable Akuma figure, another awesome gift :D


On a side note, the game might have been shite but that car is bloody tough, if I was driving some cheap-shit car I doubt I would have walked away from that accident.

So to sum it all up;
XBLA Yaris = Bad
IRL Yaris = good

Well back to work for me, glad to be back Dtoid, bring on 2009. Looks like I'm off to a great start already ;)
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