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How to build your own kickass racing seat if you're lazy and not very handy :-)

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So you're a racer, maybe you've even got a nice racingwheel for playing...
But where do you play, and how to attach the wheel? Read on to see how to build your own cheapass racingseat!

If you really like racing games, chances are you've got a racingwheel, however its most of the time not easy to use it, attaching it to you desk with a deskchair is just plain uncomfortable and if you've got the 360-racingwheel from M$, you'll know that putting it on your legs is far from ideal :-)
1. the stuff you need:

a) carseat, preferably bucketseat ( more 'realistic' )
b) 1 standard size multiplex wooden plate ( 240 cm x 120 cm or 94,5" x 47")
c) 2 big & 2 big but smaller then previous L-shaped Irons with a groove in them ( see picture below this list)
d) a number of 'flat' L-shaped irons ( basically as many as you like, but 4 at the least )
Optional: Handlebars & seatbelt

Well I hope you guys liked it, and if you build one yourself, or have built one yourself already in a differnt way, sent me a PM or show us some pictures!
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