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*NVGR* A Genuinely Scary Story: Part 3

Now for the third installment,. Check out part 1 and part 2 if you haven't already.

Mr. Lobos began to tell us the tale of his first time out there.

"I'd gone to the will reading of my grandfather and had been given my ultimatum. I thought it was kind of silly, but I decided to see to it that his wishes would be fulfilled. So, that night, I rounded up a group of my friends and drove out to the bush. My contingent comprised of a few friends and my brother.

"Following a map that was given to me at the will reading, we drove out and parked out front of the bush, not in the hidden parking spot. As we piled out of the car, I checked over the gear that we had brought. Two flashlights, each with the bulb covered with a red gel, so it would only shine out in red light. That was important because the red light would not destroy our night vision. We got into a single file line, myself in the lead and my brother in the back. We, like you just did, walked down into the gully and to this tree. The map that lead us here also had a map of the trails in the bush. Looking at it, we decided to enter on Lower Trail.

"As we walked in, the bush itself seemed to breath around us. There was no real wind, none of the tree tops were swaying, but leaves and branches seemed to move around us. a few times we stopped when we thought we heard something, but even with our flashlights, we couldn't pinpoint where the sound was or what was making it.

"We had been walking into the bush for about 10 minutes when we came to a rise in the trail which dropped down into a clearing. The clearing itself was about 10 meters long and about 4 meters at it's widest. The canopy opened up and allowed the moonlight to pour in and wash over the trail. When we walked over the hill and to the entrance of the clearing, the flashlights went out. I took my flashlight and hit it against my hand a few times, only getting a few flickers of light as a result. It was dead. I stopped the group and found out the same had happened with the second flashlight in the back. I wasn't immediately concerned because the moonlight lit the trail well enough to get through. Suddenly, we heard a twig snap behind us. We all turned to the sound. I said hello into the darkness.

"Silence was all answered back. I turned back to clearing and gasped.

"There was a figure standing at the opposite end.

"It was a man. Very tall.and slender. He stood with his hands at his sides and with his head hanging down. He was completely clad in white. White pants, shirt and what looked to be a white labcoat. Eerily, his skin matched the paleness of his attire.

"The rest of the group had by this time turned back and noticed the man. Whispers and muttered swearwords hit my ears from behind. I didn't move an inch. I stood there and stared at the man in the labcoat. No one moved for about 3 minutes. I finally found my legs and took a step forward to confront the mysterious man.

'I said 'hello'.

"No response.

"I asked 'Who are you?'

"No response.

"I then took another step forward. The moment my foot touched the ground, we heard another twig snap behind us, closer this time. Reflex commanded us to orient on this new stimulus. Nothing was there. We turned back.

"The labcoat guy was now standing in the center of the clearing.

"We scurried back a few meters. There was no way that man could have moved that quickly! There were no footsteps or russeling of underbrush to be heard. Something definitely was not right here. In a show of bravery, I stomped a few steps closure to the labcoat guy. This time I yelled.


"The man didn't move. A scream behind me nearly scared me to death.

"My brother was screaming and had fallen, trying to scramble away from us. My friends were terrified for a moment, but rushed to grab a hold of him. It was the last thing we needed to chase a frighten man through a pitch black forest. Especially when we're confronted by a labcoat-wearing stranger. I started to run towards my brother but when I saw that my friends had him, I turned back to see what our mysterious stranger was up to.

"I was not prepared for what I saw.

"As I turned back to face the man, be began to raise his pale, bald head. The moonlight was caught by the whiteness of his skin and seemed to glow. The man had two beady, black eyes, almost directly in the center of his forehead, close together. The only other feature on this man's face was a thin, black line that started at his left temple, dipped down around the bottom of his face and looped back up to his right temple.

"I covered my mouth and groaned.

"The man grinned. The black line was his mouth! Slowly the line split apart and revealed jagged and blackened teeth, spanning the entire length of his misshaped mouth. It's head then tilted to the side. I took a step back, unable to believe what I was seeing. It then started to walk towards me. But it moved so strangely, like a sequence filmed in reverse and then played forward, the labcoat guy jerked towards me, unnaturally, without a sound, his eyes staring into me. I froze. I then witnessed something that i'll never be able to explain.

"The labcoat guy stopped, turned profile and then bent over. But not at the waist. The thing bent at its chest and then folded down in on itself, morphing into a white wolf. Looking at me briefly, the wolf then ran off the trail and into the bush.

"The flashlights flickered back on.

"Not wasting a second our group got to its feet and ran out of the bush, tearing the red gels off the flashlights. Panic gripped us as we navigated the twists and turns in the trail. Finally after what seemed like forever, we emerged from lower trail and ran towards the oak tree. The group, encouraged by the sight of this landmark, ran faster toward the road and to the car. We started to climb the slope back to the road when I slipped and slid down the gully. As I came to a stop, I looked up and saw my friends all standing, their backs to me. Why had they stopped? Getting to my feet, I climbed up the hill to see what had made them stop.

"It was the car. When we had entered the bush, I had made sure that I locked the car. I knew that the chances of anyone coming out here to rob my car would be slim, but it was force of habit. However, that didn't seem to matter. All the doors where open. The trunk was open, the hood was up and everything that was inside of the car was gone. Backpacks, the spare tire, a case of beer, even some wrappers that where on the floor were gone. We didn't care. We all rushed towards the car and got in. Slamming my foot on the gas, we tore out from the shoulder and shot back home. We interrogated my brother as to what happened. His response was unsettling.

"I asked him what had happened out there. He looked very apprehensive, but answered me. He told me that when I had yelled at the thing, whatever it was, that thing had said his name. And when he heard his name, he just felt so terrified, so afraid. He just had to get away from it.

"The entire ride home occurred in silence. No one had heard anyone's name being said."

It was here when Mr Lobos stood up and stretched. I looked around at my friends. All of them hadn't take their eyes off of him. I looked back at him too. As he stretched all his limbs he crouched back down and looked at me. He was about to continue with his story. He turned his head and looked down towards the beginning of Lower Trail.

"Now here's where it gets interesting"
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