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10 things I learned this week: Leet speak needs to die Edition


Before we get into the main point of this blog I think it is time for an angty Aborto rant

There has been an awful lot of fail in the cblogs this week, the most noticeable fail blog being the introduction of Shela the Gamer. I could pick any of several reasons why this blog failed but the most notable of which was this:

The entire damn thing was written in Leet speak.

Of all the things that piss me off about the internet Leet speak is by far the one that pisses me off the most. Anything that can even be considered Leet speak makes me so unbelievably angry. It just annoys the piss out of me how some people absolutely insist on using it no matter what the circumstances are. I don't understand what it is about exchanging letters for numbers that make people think they are so damn clever.
Not to mention it could make reading and understanding a person's post a pain in the ass.

If you are reading this Shela (Which I find highly unlikely), if you want to be accepted here don't use that bullshit internet speak. You might not be able to tell by some of the blogs but we here on Destructoid like to have serious discussions every once and awhile and nobody is going to take you seriously if you talk like that. Of course this is if it was actually a real person and not a devious plot by some previous Dtoider. If it was a joke then I commend that person for doing such a good job at pissing me off.

But the thing that really makes me hate Leet speak (which is completely unrelated to Shela's post) is the word PWNED. I can't express to you how much I fucking hate that word. I absolutely despise it and whenever I hear some jackass scream it out over xbox live it makes me cringe. My reasons for hating it can best be described this way:

Awhile ago my brother and one of my friends had an argument over the origins of Pwned. My brother claimed it came to be because the O is right next to the P on a keyboard and when people are typing really fast in online games then they hit the P creating the word Pwned instead of Owned. My friend, however, says it stands for "Player owned." Now let's say that my friend's explanation of it was right, that means when somebody just yelled "I just Pwned you" that means they just said " I just player owned you." It sounds completely idiotic and it doesn't make sense in the way people use it. That means if my friend is right people have been screaming a word across the internet without knowing what it means or have been saying something that means complete nonsense. However, I don't really believe my friends explanation for it because it sounds like complete bullshit.

Now then let's say that my brother's explanation is accurate. That means people have been yelling a misspelled word at each other for years. It makes you sound fucking inept because you are pronouncing a spelling error. Whenever somebody utters this word, whether they are from Destructoid or not, I lose all respect for them. Shit, I hate that word so much that if Chad ever uttered it I would punch him in the face. That's right, I hate that word so damned much that I would punch the nicest and most adored person on Destructoid.

Leet speak, as well as any "word" that was birthed from it needs to drop off the face of the goddamn earth. I may be overreacting to a simple post that has probably been forgotten by now but I really do believe that this idiocy needs to stop.

/end angry aborto rant

1. Resident Evil Degeneration is disappointing. Now, I'm not saying it's bad, Just not as good as I was hoping. Zombies were only in the first 30 minutes of the movie and then you never see one again and then a G virus monster comes in the last 30 minutes. That means there is a whole 30-40 minutes where nothing happens. That being said I want to say if you are going to pick this up, DO NOT pay full price for it. Rent it or wait until you can find it in a bargain bin. And for that matter I would only recommend it to hardcore RE fans. Of course, those are probably going to be the people who would buy it anyway.

2. Mirror's Edge massively pisses BSD and me off. That bitch just refuses to grab onto those damn ledges!

3. I'm starting to think we need Reaprar and Heretic back. Is it just me or has the amount of fail in the cblogs skyrocketed after their banning? They were assholes but they did scare away the stupid people.

4. Bigby can't tell when I am joking.

5. Dyslexic loves me.

Also, magic is made out of Penis cameras.*

6. A lot of Destructoid's staff are interested in Darksiders it would seem. Really?! Have we played the same game? The build I played at Comic Con was a fucking mess.

7. Vexed Alex and me can't agree on anything. First it was the Blastoise/Charizard debate and now that crazy bastard says the sour apple is the best flavored jolly rancher. EVERYBODY know watermelon is the best Jolly Rancher flavor bitch!

8. Snaileb and Malachi don't like it when I spam Blanka's electric attack.

9. Unstoppable Juggernaut is a Master debater

10. Artemus agrees with me that Clayface is awesome.

*Don't ask. I'm pretty sure you don't want to know.
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