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Eurofags, Pay attention! MiniEuroNARP coming soon + first EURONARP 2 details!

Well it's been almost 6 months since the last EuroNARP, so we'll be doing a small version of it to celebrate my brithday! ( 2 days only in contrast to the 3 days of the true EURONARP )

For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, go check out the recap of the first EURONARP:
read it here

the final survivors of the first Euronarp:

As for the details on EURONARP2, in keeping with the spirit of the last EURONARP, we want to provide an alternative to all the poor eurofags ( like us ) who can't join in the yearly PAX-meet, so once again, we'll be doing it on the same date as PAX, so this year the event will be hosted in the weekend of the 4th of September. If you want to join in, keep an eye on my blog since registration- other details will follow in the next months ( the miniNARP will also be a meetingplace to decide on items for EURONARP2 so details will surely follow shortly after that )

So if you want to experience an EPIC night of gaming with your fellow dtoid-eurofags, be sure to join us for the miniEuroNARP ( if you're fast enough ) or otherwise join us for the mega-awesome-epic-crazy-EURONARP2!!!
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