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BabaGeek: Growing Gamer Gifts


When I was growing up I got a lot of hand me down toys, cloths, and crap. Every once in awhile I would get some real gems (usually after asking for them), but they were few and far between. My sons will not have to suffer this fate. While I won't buy them anything and everything, they will get some good, well thought out gifts from me. At this point they are a little young to say what they want... so I get to decide.

What this really means is two things:
1) I get to buy toys I would have wanted when I was their age.
2) I get to buy toys I secretly want, but should be too old for.

I am exaggerating a bit, as I do get things they would enjoy, but it does leave me with some flexibility. This year was a little more exciting as my eldest is 3 years old now, and can really start to appreciate things more.

Just so we are not spoiling them, we only get them one gift from us (along with some smaller stocking stuffers). Then they get one gift for each other (obviously selected by us right now). Then whatever family is around of course (which is where the spoiling happens). And last but not least Santa usually gets them something really nice (he always knows what to get).

Starting with my younger son who is 15 months old now...

He got a full size (when compared to him) Luigi. This was his gift from his brother. His older brother already had a large Mario, so it only seemed fitting to get his brother, his brother.

As a "stocking stuffer" (quoted since it didn't technically fit in the stocking) was a plushie bowser, that is just bad ass. I found this awesome Japanese import store right before the holidays... they got lots of our money.

Now my older son who like I said is three...

From his brother he got a Mega Man figure that stands about 6" high. Obviously his little brother got that for him based on his Halloween costume.

Next up for a stocking stuff he got a little Yoshi plushie. Which he absolutely adores and sleeps with every night right now.

We got him Smart Boys DS game that he really loves. This is one of those, I completely bought this for him, as I have no interest in it. So I am not completely selfish. (Now if you read between the line... I completely play with the other items listed here.) His Grandmother got him a new Wii Game, Go Diego Go: Dinosaur Rescue! (with help from his Baba)

Now just so you don't think my kids are locked indoors every day playing video games, listening to gaming music, and playing with video game plushies... Here are a couple of pictures of what Santa got them. (Yes they are indoors playing with them, but this is right after we got them, they have since been moved outside and played with a lot!)

I can't wait till I can get them hooked on great games like Kirby, Mega Man, Zelda, etc... etc... Well... there is always next year.
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