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Opinion: Hardcore games don't exist. Only hardcore gamers.


After reviewing the comments on my previous blog and reading through comments on various forum thread I have made recently, I have finally come to a conclusion about my stance on what exactly a hardcore game or gamer is.

I don't believe a single hardcore game exists. Either that or I believe every single game that ever was and ever will be is hardcore. It's just a game. It's data that intended to be interacted with. It's each individual gamer that decides in each play session which games are not casual. The general person may play Wii Sports for about 20 minutes and call it a day. Perhaps even a month (har har). However, people like myself tend to take a game like Wii Sports and beat every champ in every sport and still double the score just because they can. In that instance, Wii Sports would not be used casually and therefore would not be a casual game.

Hardcore games simply do not exist. Only hardcore gamers. Hardcore gamers are people that have an extreme love for games. It involves their very being. Gaming completes them. It more than just a hobby. It's a way of life. Though, a true hardcore gamer has no serious bias.
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