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Frogger is stupid.


So I just got a new cell phone the other day and it came with a free demo of Frogger. I had never really gotten into it but I was bored so I started to play it. This game sucks. It makes absolutely no sense you play as a frog that dies when you fall into the water? Yeah, a FROG that dies in WATER! WTF? and look at that picture... I mean wtf is the difference between the "death water" and the little square of water you are supposed to get to? Speaking of those magical water squares it took me three deaths to realize that's where I was supposed to go... I thought i had to land on those green grass squares... which also end up in death. because that makes sense right? You can start out on the pavement and walk over the streets and logs and rocks but a nice green pasture is death? Wow, Frogger sucks.
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