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Chrono Trigger drawings up for grabs


UPDATE: The Dtoid site update wiped alot of comments, alas, these drawings have all been claimed.

"What I did over Holiday"

a) Las Vegas
b) Chrono Trigger

The two went surprisingly well together. I was sooooo looking forward to some time off work where all I had to do was sleep in late, get up and be a total couch potato with the new DS version of Chrono Trigger. Also, strippers.

Not only did I gleefully wile away the afternoon hours traveling thru time (thus far to the Ocean Palace), but was also inspired to do some sketching of my favorite characters from this RPG classic.

Chrono (aka Edco :-), special appearance by Robo

Marle, "mar-ul?" "mar-lee?" I always pronounced it the later... How do you say it?

And of course Ayla. "Edco tough like Ayla!"

Man, this game! Oh how I love it. What surprises me is how quickly you begin to care and get attached to the characters, still after all these years. By the end, well, some of you already know how that plays out. But it's all the little moments in-between that add to the whole. Like Frog's tragic origin, Robo's selfless bravery, and Ayla's unapologetic bravado. Modern games go thru great pains to evoke such things but can't quite get to it on the same level as these cool little sprites. Retroforce Go! did a great episode on Chrono Trigger, check it out if you aren't already a regular listener.

Anywhoooooo... Would you like one of these drawings? Leave a comment starting with the word "Gimme!" and note your attachment or favorite memory for the drawing you want: Chrono, Marle, or Ayla. Say something that would make me tear the very page from my sketchbook and send it to you!

I'll check back in a day or two and choose three different lads or lasses, leaving instructions on how to redeem in the comment thread. The offer is for these three drawings only, to be sent "as is." Meaning they are just sketches done in ink, a bit rough around the edges as it were. (pages are about 5x7") I know they aren't all that, but I wanted to offer to the DToid community if anyone wanted.

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