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Playing With Others: How I had a relationship with the grandma, the mother, the daughter and the granddaughter

The Grandmother

It all started when I was much much younger... I didn't have my own PC yet, gaming for me was limited to the 5/6 games I had available on my SEGA MASTER SYSTEM II, my dad owned a PC, which I ocasionally used to do some homework on... Then 1 night I was at my godfather's place, where I would spend all my time with my cousin ( that DID have his own PC ( he was about 6/7 years older then me )) and that night when I had arrived he told me he had gotten hold of something absolutely amazing...

Basically the nights I spent in his room were my first experiences of Multiplayer-gaming... We'd play whatever game he had gotten through his "channels" ( no internet yet to download "WAREZ" or anything ) and then he showed me a disk labeled "Wolf3D demo"...

When the game was fresh out on PS3, I was able to really enjoy some brilliant matches, with people truly co-ordinating wars like in 'the good old days' but the game also thought me the consumer-mentality on games... after merely 6 months, there were almost no more players online... on the 360 it was over even faster I heared from my mate who got it for that console...

Thus 1 single 'family' of games has guided me through most of my MP-experiences, from the simple hot-seating in Wolf3D to the basics of classbased combat, to the perfection of classbased combat and finally to the 'lazyness' and consumermentality of the general (console)gamers who simply didn't seem to be able to appreciate the brilliantness that is ET:QW and simply stopped playing it...

I hope that one day enough dtoid-PS3-players will own the game ( should be pretty cheap second-hand by now ) so that we can have a FNF in it, since this game truly rocks ( and to be honest if you set the bots to some decent settings, you'll have great fun as well ) when played with a good team...
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