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Horrible movie gets a Sequel: Descent 2

It might be known that Descent: Part 2 is being made and making its way to the theaters this summer. They already have some images of a chick covered in blood. Also creatures, since whoever is making is dumb enough to show you the entire creature in trailers and well before you see the movie therefore erasing any form or terror and mystery from your mind.

If you don't know what it is about, the first movie had Sarah and four of her friends go into a cave to spelunk. And then they all die but her. Of course this was entirely predictable since they foreshadow the holy heck out of the movie in the first 5 minutes and tell you who and when each character would die. What a disappointment.

In the new film, the same chick reprises her role as probably-scared-for-life Sarah. So this girl who went through all the trauma decides to do the smart thing and GO BACK to the caves where her friends died and look for survivors.

Seriously? The rest were eaten and she left the last one to die, why is she going back?! This makes no sense. Much like how they advertised the first movie. Trailers had it saying "this movie is just like and is as good as Aliens!" Honky, please...Aliens didn't show the creatures in the trailers. You barely even see the Xenomorphs in the film therefore it gave the mystery of the unknown. Also, it was actually good. A key element that The Descent lacks.

I will say it wasn't the worse movie ever. It was better than Resident Evil: Extinction and the Uwe Boll films (I do think Cave might have been better). But it still wasn't good. It wasn't scary, it showed it's whole hand before the movie was released and within the first five minutes. It looks like they are starting this film off on the same foot to deliver another upsetting film that might have had potential. All I have to say is, why?

[Via ShockTillYouDrop]
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