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BabaGeek: Major Award Recipient and EGM Killer


Yesterday was an exciting day, not only did I find out that I can take down a mighty magazine like EGM with a single appearance, but on my arrival home I had received my "Major Award" for my sons Mega Man costume.

After I created the costume and got some praise for it, I thought I would try and win some money off of it. So I got off my lazy ass and entered... one... contest... yes just one, I missed entering K o t a k u's but that was probably for the best anyways. The one I entered was instructables.com. I was going to put the build process up on their site anyways, so it worked out pretty good (and I could remain somewhat lazy).

I ended up coming in second place and winning some stuff, which arrived today. Unfortunately it was not money, but some of the most random shit I have ever gotten. This alone made it well worth my time, just for the laughs.

First up lets look at the instructables mascot...

it seems ironically familiar.

Something I am interested in reading...

I will read this after seeing the movie (I have found that is best practice with Graphic Novels).

Amazingly, I am very interested in crochet now...

Seriously... I want to crochet a Mr. Destructoid now!

This is where things get a little wierd...

I have never seen an interactive book until now (with the exception of maybe choose your own adventure books that I used to read when I was 10). There are all kinds of letters, documents, notes stuck on pages and in envelops.

I haven't started reading, but I am assuming you are supposed to look at all this stuff and try to figure out the mystery, like maybe playing Clue by yourself?

Last, and most definitely the strangest...

I don't know who the target audience is for this tree killing piece of shit (I am not an environmentalist, but seriously... it saddens me to think a tree got chopped down for this shit), but I want to beat the person responsible for it with a rubber hose. Here are a couple of gems for you:

If you can't read the captions:
- Help Sarah finish getting dressed so she can make your breakfast!
- Are Jen and Angela best friends forever, or more? Connect the dots and find out.

- Sleepover at your house! Kim has her overnight bag packed. What's Inside?
- Where is Libby running off to?
A. The clinic
B. Out for a few drinks with the gals.
C. Nowhere! Her career is over.

- Sasha has gained some awkward weight. Complete the operation by folding at the center line so that the two dotted lines meet. She'll look and feel so much better.

What the fuck? I am trying to decide if they are making fun, or are serious. Either way, I still laughed my ass off to this, sad sad piece of shit.

Next year, I hope that Niero and the crew get together and decide to have a costume contest here so we can all enjoy a healthy competiton. Also, so I can win some prizes that I will actually be excited about (that's right, I am an arrogant cocky prick now that I have won my "Major Award").

Seriously though, I want to thank the Destructoid Community, for the great costume ideas, the awesome response as I was building, and the overwhelming response when I was done... You guys are Awesome.
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