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BabaGeek: Major Award Recipient and EGM Killer


- Sasha has gained some awkward weight. Complete the operation by folding at the center line so that the two dotted lines meet. She'll look and feel so much better.

What the fuck? I am trying to decide if they are making fun, or are serious. Either way, I still laughed my ass off to this, sad sad piece of shit.

Next year, I hope that Niero and the crew get together and decide to have a costume contest here so we can all enjoy a healthy competiton. Also, so I can win some prizes that I will actually be excited about (that's right, I am an arrogant cocky prick now that I have won my "Major Award").

Seriously though, I want to thank the Destructoid Community, for the great costume ideas, the awesome response as I was building, and the overwhelming response when I was done... You guys are Awesome.
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