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Prototype: My Second Confirmed Purchase for '09


So this clip popped up at Kotaku, via G4. The gameplay looks stunning, for a sandbox putz such as myself. The usage of superpowers in the open world looks to be heavily improved upon since those of us who appreciated Crackdown to the fullest felt its true awesomeness. Those fans are now chomping at the bit for a sequel from the Realtime Worlds stunner, and I hope they are taking notice of Prototype.

The setting of New York MIGHT have some people rolling their eyes over the fact we've just been to Liberty City this gen. I'll appreciate being able to actually be at Central Park and Times Square, this time around. The authenticity of the Apple adds a bit of flava to the overall game. Now, that's just the setting you are given to do as you please in. The gameplay shown is easily some of the most impressive we've seen of this genre to date. I remember before Crackdown came out, very hopeful details emerged as the days led up to the release of the greatest game demo of all time. The demo of Crackdown should have been on every 360 with a Live connection, as some of the blind Halo fans continued their pursuit of the game simply for the Halo 3 beta.

I bring up Crackdown simply because this game has received minimal hype up until now, at least from my perspective. I hope that when the day comes of either a good demo or drop date, we are rewarded with mind-blowing game play that this preview clip displays.

The powers shown off by the protagonist Alex are fitting of a character in a linear storyline. Games with a character seeking to reclaim their identity normally don't give us the chance to go out into a city setting and destroy any and all that gets in our way. Perhaps this will resemble the Incredible Hulk game of not too long ago. I recall that game getting a lot of praise for the open destructiveness, even from a licensed title we all expected never to hear good things from.

Perhaps Prototype can take the lessons of every sandbox game created before it and build us some of the most impressive sand castles we've yet to see from this genre.
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