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Plans for 2009: Video Game Edition!

Yeah, yeah, I know this is under NVGR. It doesn't exactly fit in any of the other categories, I say with a sad emoticon on the screen. :(

But anyway...

October 1, 1997: THE END DAY-- Oh. Wait. Um. Nevermind.

January, 2009: Finally finish Persona 3 after making the mistake of starting it on my vacation. Spent the majority of my Christmas vacation rocking out and loving it. Will probably hemorrhage at battle theme when coming into minor contact with it in later months.

February: Relieved that I have finally completed everything in Persona 3 FES and realize that I have Persona 4 waiting for me. Simultaneously thank and curse the heavens for this inevitable fate. Also, play a lot of Street Fighter IV and new Star Ocean that both come out right before my birthday. This is a major hint towards those in the business of giving me gifts which will guide you towards the best ending in JohannHat Land.

March: Probably make some headway in my backlog, which is kind of scary looking. I've got no real quips to add here. I've got the entire Atelier Iris series to get through!

April 7: Complete transfer to Gekkoukan High School. Notice that electronics stop working at midnight. Also, things may be a slightly greener tint during this time. Huh. Weird. May use new found powers in this time period to finally beat Mars Matrix and not, you know, save the world.

May: Be sad as Mars Matrix kicks my ass still. Ikaruga joins him, kicks some dirt in my face and takes my girl for good measure. Will consider that comic ad in the back of Archie Comics to get buff in a matter of weeks for one low, low price.

June: Hopefully get a game project off the ground and finished by then. We shall see! So far, it's going pretty good!

July - August: Magical Island Hopping Adventure. It's certainly not because it's too early to realize what may be actually going on during this time. By the way, tell Mike to dip my letter in water.

September: Dragon*Con. Spend the rest of the month recovering from massive intakes of awesometanium radiation (This may also be called "Booze".)

October: LAVOS 1999 CATACLYSM TEN YEAR REUNION TOUR hits my town, whooo! I'll see you in the spawn pit!

November: Both Dread and Anticipate another onslaught of possibly good games I would like to play as they tsunami across the entire internet. Few wallets will be saved from being ripped apart with the sheer and utter force of consumerism. Many donations will be made to a charity organization that most companies call "Profit" for some indeterminable reason.

December: Prepare for Publishing of Cliched Duke Nukem Forever Joke Book for release in oncoming year. Possibility of game actually coming out will not alter plans in any way.
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