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Developers Cry out: 'Save me from Minigames.' BUY DEADLY CREATURES!

Hey Dtoid. I know my telling you what to do with your money is sort of pig headed of me and I apologize. I just wanted to get my point across.

Via Gonintendo I was made aware of an Interview on MTV's Multiplayer blog concerning developers over at THQ who are making 'Deadly Creatures'. The game looks pretty unique, and actually good, in my opinion.

This is sort of a theatrical trailer, its a little lame but it sort of encompass all that I think makes the game look promising.

The unique perspective.

How often do you see the world through the eyes of an arachnid. The environments are varied and detailed. More effort put in here than in the average Wii game, it's true. The sense of scale is an interesting change as is the lack of human enemies, which brings me to my next point...

Interesting Narrative presentation.

If you didn't notice Dennis Hopper and Billy Bob Thorton are providing voices for the only human characters in the game. They seem to have something to hid- presumably a body- and we are drip fed simple narrative points as eavesdroppers. This technique should bode well for suspense. It's something unique and I'm always looking forward to new experiences.

Buggy Gameplay.

That IS a horrible pun, yes. As far as I've heard the game runs well. Moving on, combat looks methodical, this isn't God of War, there will be no hack n' slashing going on here. It seems to depend on beating bugs in until they're weak enough for a final QTE, which may get annoying I'll admit. What is welcome though is the fact that we won't be controlling one but two different arachnids. The Scorpion is the 'tank' character while the Tarantula offers stealth game play. I'm looking forward to the mixture, hopefully they can pace it out right.

If you haven't read the brief interview I'll fill you in. Essentially the sales of this game decide the fate of this developer. If the game sells, they will continue to feed us these sorts of unique experiences, if not, they are again relegated to Mini-Games.

I'm just trying to do as much as I can to save these artists from having to create something they hate- I know how it is, its a horrible thing to be forced to. I won't lie though, this is also a bit selfish of me as I really really want to see more from these guys, and less mini-games on my Wii.
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