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I love you Destructoid for your love of EGM/1UP.

Sad news falls upon us today. Effectively today, the 1UP network has been acquired by UGO and in its wake, the legendary gaming publication Electronic Gaming Monthly has passed on. Also among the casualties is most of the 1UP Network's staff, who put together a group of excellent podcasts every week. Now they are no more.

I would like to salute Destructoid, a blog by gamers for gamers, who were one of the first pay their respects to the loss of the gaming industry.

Thank you Destructoid for honoring Electronic Gaming Monthly with by adorning this on your website:

EGM and 1UP, Destructoid loves you.

UGO, for effectively killing off EGM and stripping 1UP of its soul and wearing its skin like Buffalo Bill,

You just made the Internet your enemy, UGO.
It's on like Donkey Kong, Motherfucker.
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