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Goodbye Azeroth...

This is it; Iíve finally had enough of WoW. I quit.

After playing for around 6 months and spending way too much money, I have decided to give WoW the boot. Itís not that Iím tired of MMOís, I love them. They can provide an immersive experience most games could ever hope for. But I see what other people have been saying now; WoW is one of the most repetitive games ever.

For a time, things were good, perfect even. There were a lot of nice people to quest with and just hang out with, you would look up at the level 70ís and hope one day you too could look that awesome.

But after maxing out the level cap (before WOTLK) things started getting really boring, doing raids constantly and always sitting in the ďlooking for groupĒ channel got really old, really fast.

But I ploughed on, thinking that this was just a phase and I would soon get passed it and start enjoying the game again.

I was wrong.

After WOTLK was released I managed to get to level 75 without spooning my eyes out in sheer repetitive boredom.

These days, every time I turn on the game, I cringe. I donít know exactly why, But the thought of playing wow for even 5mins more sends a cold shiver down my spine.

Maybe itís the constant lack of tankís and healers, maybe itís the constant sitting in LFG waiting for more party members to join, maybe its just male blood elves. Either way, I quit. Iím done. Iíve paid for the last 2 months thinking I would play it again soon, which never happened.

So goodbye, old friend. We had fun while it lasted, you showed so much promise, I thought I had found THE mmo for meÖ

But thereís someone new in my life, someone younger and prettier, I call her Star Wars: The Old RepublicÖ
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