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MAGFest 2009 - The Aftermath

So, this past weekend all the cool kids went to MAGFest in Alexandria Virginia. It was a 4 day party of gaming, music and alcohol and it was sweet.
As one of the few true 7 year veterans, I'm somewhat beyond getting for the actual gaming and I'm to the point where I'm just there to hang out with all my friends. Even still, there were some VERY awesome events for the year and I'm just gonna do a little rundown of some of my high (and not so high) points of my weekend of MAGgotry.

- A_Rival on stage friday night to rock some faces off with his chip-hop show. Amazing.
- Friday night chip show in Jamspace where I was on stage to do a live performance of Da Black Market featuring some tight freestyle from A_Rival.
- Tons of alcohol
- Being interviewed by Larry Oji for OC Remix while totally blitzed.
- Shaking DJ Pretzel's hand on camera and getting verbal confirmation that Twoson Hits the Road can finally return to it's proper home on Bound Together: Unrated Director's Cut SD Remix
- Serving HOT DOGS during the Smash Bros. Concert.
- Girls kissing me for HOT DOGS
- Men kissing me for HOT DOGS (Yay alcohol and lowered inhibitions!)
- Watching virt get interviewed for OC Remix, considering he hasn't been on that site in many years.
- The actual Smash Bros. concert itself
- Stupid emotional drunk bitches who can't accept that the guy they broke up with 8 months ago is dating somebody new.
- Giving men hickeys. (because I was drunk)
- Giving a girl a hickey right by her titty. (because she's hot)
- Giving con chair Brendan Becker a hickey (because I was paid)
- Getting my hands on fuckin VALKYRIE PROFILE. Welcome to my game rack...
- Getting Tomba! as well in addition to Silent Hill 2 and Growlanser Heritage of War Collector's Edition.
- Photographing guy's cocks and sending them to people on my cell phone list
- Interviewing Larry Oji about how a black man is whiter than most of the white guys at MAGFest.
- Creepy nerds are scary.
- Finally getting to CiCi's Pizza again.
- Eating at Five Guys again.

God...I could go for hours on how much awesome stuff I did. If you weren't there this year, you're fucking stupid. Get there next year. Seriously.
Maybe The Crakaz will have a full show one of these days. :D
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