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I want to hug everyone too! A Letter to the Community

Dear Destructoid Community,

I just wanted to write you guys a letter telling you how awesome it is that you guys are around. As I pack up my apartment and get ready for my semester in England (THREE MORE DAYS OMGGGGG) I realized that the hardest part about leaving was saying goodbye to all my Destructoid friends.

Dtoid NY, you guys rock. Thanks for throwing me a going away party, it was good times. All of the crazy adventures we had in NY, NJ and PA were awesomely epic. The video of us playing Rock Band (I'M TIIINOOOOO!) cracks me up every time. I would elaborate more on this, but I think this is an ATV trail and it's about time to turn back.


Super awesome thank you goes out to Nerdfit and Cataract for helping me and Angie move my stuff yesterday. Even if it was work it was till fun to hang out with you guys. Sorry I could only pay you in Chinese food.

Destructoid has helped me find people who are not only fun to play games with, but also just cool to hang out with in general. I used to feel like I was kind of a weirdo and didn't belong anywhere. Almost no one at my college plays video games. Ever since joining the community here I've become more confident in who I am and I know that there's a place where I belong.

Video unrelated but awesome

I know it's kind of mushy, but Dtoid and all the people here have made my life so much better. I have tons of new awesome friends, a great boyfriend, and a job all thanks to this site. My life has changed so much it's not even funny. Leaving America behind isn't as hard now, since I will always have my badass friends here in the innernets.

So thank you Destructoid, for helping me meet some of the coolest people ever, and giving me a place where I belong :) Special shout outs to everyone I met at PAX, IRC, and Stickam <3


Chelsea "Nintendoll"

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