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BabaGeek: Mega Man Meets Santa

Fresh off a nice holiday with my family. What better way to get back into the d'toid life than with another video of me exploiting my son in his Halloween costume. I think this is the last one with the costume for awhile, however, I have one more video up my sleeve that should be nice and embarrassing for me. Until then, this one should tide you over.


Just to answer some questions so nobody calls social services on me...

Q: Does your son enjoy doing these thing?
A: Yes, but he is starting to grow tired of it, so like I said, this will be the last one in the costume. i.e. there is no force involved.

Q: Does your wife think you have reached a new level of geekdom?
A: Yes

Q: Do you think you have doomed your son to a life time of wedgie's and swirlies?
A: No, I am not forcing him down any one path. Yes he likes video games, and yes his dad is a huge geek, and yes his dad received numerous... wait, where was I going with this?

Q: With your next video, will you received said pranks from previous question?
A: The possibility exists, but I am willing to risk my ass-crack and hair for my d'toid family.

Q: Do you get more enjoyment out of these video's then your son?
A: Yes... but he likes the candy I bribe him with.
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