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DragonLOL [NVGR]

Is it me or is this shit like, Dragonball meets twilight?

Why is goku some random douche bag with a faux-hawk? huh? AND WHY The FUCK IS HE SO OLD?.... why in the world is he fighting high school kids huh? This is some serious bullshit, this is so incredibly laughable! I mean, i knew it was gonna be shitty, but this shitty? I would have never imagined it.

"Maybe i am the bad guy"

In my opinion, they took it too seriously, i mean, fuck it, leave the plot holes in, just make it fun, and action filled, and please, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT PUT SOME STEREOTYPICAL NARRATION AND MUSIC IN THE TRAILER! It would have been awesome to hear the original dragon ball song and see goku punching people like a bastard, but i bet they paid some shitty ass pop-punk band that sings about puberty and shit to cover the song with horribly repetitive guitar riffs, and they are probably gonna put it over the end credits. As a matter of fact, lets fucking bet on it.
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