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Guess what I received in the mail today?


No, not words of deep concern from my little brother, but rather a package form everyone’s favorite, gradient using, community member MaxVest. Let’s see shat he decided to send my way.

Sweet Jesus! It's a pristine copy of Wild Arms 2. I love the Wild Arms series; they are, by far, some of my favorite PlayStayshun games ever. It’s even in the original package and everything. I'd forgotten how wacky the cover art of some of these Japanese RPGs can be. Now some of you naysayers out there may try and tell me that they don't think that's what the original box art looks like. Well take a gander at this, non-believers.

Yeah, cram that in your smug, ugly faces. As if this mint condition PSX treasure wasn't enough there was even an extra surprise waiting for me inside.

That's right, a $20 PSN card. Jealous much? I'm going to buy so much Home clothes.

Now whenever anyone posts one of these "Hey look at what so-and-so sent me" blogs the inevitable question pops up: "Hey, what do I have to do in order for someone to send me free stuff?" Well, in a case like mine it is rather simple; you just have to share over two hundred dollars of Rock Band DLC with a complete stranger. Of course MaxVest already has all of my DLC so you'll have to figure something else. I'm sure he's not very picky two hundred dollars worth of any goods or services should suffice. You could probably even send him two hundred dollars straight up, just make any checks out to 'Cash'.
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