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I'm not going to tell you what I got this Christmas because you don't care

Materialism has been touted as an unavoidable evil in our consumerist societies. Christmas has devolved into some sort of gift-a-thon where the rich kids get everything and anything that they ever asked for and where the less fortunate get forgotten by Santa Claus; their parents can't succeed in a capitalist environment. You need money to make money. While we privileged few with the internet gain plastics and paper those born in to poverty are starving because they simply can't find anything to eat, not even a root. I, along with many, would like to erase these pictures from our guilty minds as we enjoy our new PS3s and lavish lifestyles because we don't care. We don't care whether someone across the ocean dies from hunger. We don't care when people in our own backyard die from disease and injury. These situations are alien to us, we think they will never happen to us, and for that we simply don't give a damn. We care more about this than starving kids because a pile of toys is more fun than a pile of guilt I quickly realized that my blog has dual meanings. If I create another dime-a-dozen blog about what I got no one would care. No one cares about my blog even if I spend the words talking about the people who live at the bottom of the foodchain. This is a website about videogames, and I know I am horribly out of place. I needed a topic; this one was generic and cliche enough to pass for a Christmas-ish blog. I realize I am a hypocrite, I describe myself along with many of you. How can we do anything else than to hold on to our lifestyles and possessions? But let's forget that, it is beside the point I am trying to make. You don't care what I got for Christmas. Nobody does. You only wish to give people a glimpse of what you have. In our materialistic countries we celebrate what we have, and hungrily eye what we don't have; eager to improve our situation in life. A life of luxury is the only life we know, and if we look down on those who were tossed bad cards in the game of life then you will agree with me as well. PS: If I made anyone feel bad about receiving mountain-loads of toys for even a fraction of a second then I succeeded in this blog. Yes, I am a hypocrite and yes, I'm sure for all this materialism we are all bad people or something undesirable like that but who cares -- we got lots of presents this year! Woohoo!
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I regret missing some of the good old days, back in the early 90's, because I was too young to appreciate a good game when it smacked me in the face. Such is the folly of youth.

Somedays I wish I could have lived through such tumultuous times, what with the advent of Spandex tights and Rap, but then I think that it is much better to live longer and be younger than all of you people who did enjoy Super Metroid and Mario Kart in it's heyday and just be content with an emulator and a Xbox 360 controller.

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Update: One year later

New games I would add to my favorites are Gears of Wars series, Fallout 3, Mass Effect, Bioshock (hey, I was playing it when I joined!), and other games I cannot recall. Some games I have loved for a long time but forgot to list over a year ago are Rome: Total War, the top Mario games, and the main Pokemon GB games. The rest escape me at this time.

So these days God no longer compels you to blog, Atlas is Fontaine, and generally speaking I am pretty well known around these parts. (I hope) I regret not joining Destructoid sooner, when I first had the chance with a link from Chad Concelmo's IGN blog. Even he was born in the primordial soup IGN was, or so it would seem. I no longer frequent there or other gaming sites except from time to time because Destructoid is hopefully my internet home from here on out. A great place to be, cheers to another year at Destructoid!

Update: Another year later

Okay, so year three isn't going that great. I haven't blogged for six months and have barely visited the site. In fact, it is nearly November and my 2 years happened almost 2 months ago in early September. Damn life, going outside into the real world is time consuming! I haven't even turned on a videogame since April... (until just recently!) But of course I haven't forgotten about Dtoid; THE GREATEST SITE ON THE WEB! Sorry Dtoid, I will try to live less and Dtoid more.

Update: Another few years later

So life hit me... I still visit this site when I can... to think I started visiting this site when I was 15, and made an account two weeks after I turned 16... I'm 20 now, Destructoid is practically part of my life story at this point, even if I disappear for years at a time. Still, I remember the good old days, the days when Dtoid was like the Wild West, when I was at my most active, and when we would open the gates of Hell in our mischief, always walking on the edge of the banhammer. Now I'm just an ancient, obscure memory to the last surviving cowboys, a group even to this day I feel I'm a part of. Still, I raise my glass to you. Good times Destructoid, good times!

Oh, and to a few of us oldsters, Atlas is Fontaine.

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