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Destructoid: Year One not by Frank Miller


To be honest, IMO the podcasts on Destructoid are alright. Just alright. Podtoid is decent but just feels like any other gaming podcast and I just don't like RFGO, it isn't my thing. (I'll start running once I've posted this) However, ironically the one that most people don't like is the one I love. Ever since I listened to Podcastle for the first time (the Wilbo Sean Connery episode I believe) I've been downloading every new episode for my biweekly dose of Jim, Lauren and Wardrox. It might be the Britishness of it all, or the humour, or even that it doesn't just stick purely to gaming discussion. It just melds all together into 1-2 hours of audiosex. Plus, live Podcastles where we all take the piss out of Wardrox? Just awesome.

And probably the most important reason. From some of the funny comments in the blogosphere, to shits and giggles during Friday Night Fights or just chatting with everyone in IRC, I've just fallen in love with the Destructoid community. (Except thebez, but fuck that guy) It's the first community I truly feel a part of, and I look forward to spending many more years with the community. The funny thing is that I haven't even been to a NARP yet. It won't be much longer but the best parts of the community are yet to come for me.

Well that's the 3 reasons I could think of what Destructoid has done for me in my first year. From becoming friends with great people to laughing at Wardrox/Lauren's misery, I look forward to hopefully many more years of fun and laughs. Thank you Niero for creating the greatness and to everyone who has contributed to that greatness. Now I'm out of here before I pull Destructoid's dick too much.
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