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Sound-Test: (Tengen Toppa) Gurren Lagann- OST


Music is relative. It effects us in such a personal way that we can't possibly hope to describe the extent of that effect to anyone. It's why we are so protective (and sometimes even snobby) about it. Your personal taste in music will always be better to you than anyone else. So it's best to probably just accept that.

Here I will weekly (heh...) choose a piece of game music that I love and share it! Then talk about it. Not too complex, but I hope it's something you'll enjoy!

Sound-Test: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann- OST

Have you seen Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann? No? Then what the Hell are you doing here!? GO! NOW! I don't want to hear it! Go watch it! WHY!? HERE'S WHY!!
[minor Episode 23 spoiler for anyone who cares]

Gurren Lagann is MANLY. So manly that characters fly out of the heads of their giant robots and punch their friends in the FACE to motivate them!! GO! 'GIT!

Anyway. In my post about what I got for my birthday I mentioned that I was given the Gurren Lagann Original Soundtrack. So while I've really been wanting to make another one of these blogs, that soundtrack is all I've been listening to! SO! I guess I'll bend the rules a bit and play some EPIC anime music for you.

I think I first heard about Gurren Lagann was sometime early this year on VGcats. The creator had been making jokes about it I believe. So, when I began to feel a craving for a new anime series, I decided to check it out. I watched the first episode and said to myself "Wow. That was pretty awesome.", however, after some of the lamer early episodes, I was ready to give up on the series... See, I'm REALLY picky about anime and if I'm going to invest my time into a series, it's going to have to earn it. While I do love classics like Cowboy Bebop, One Piece, FLCL, and the first Gundam series, I think I could probably count the entirety of the anime that I like on my hands.

SO! Gurren Lagann was going to have to give me a reason to watch and after one or two rough episodes, it certainly did. It has proven itself to be my favorite anime series of all time. Hilarious, epic, heartrending, but above all else, manly. If you haven't allowed yourself the privilege of watching this self-mocking masterpiece, please do so. Heck, I'll even help you find it if you want!!

There lots of things and moments in this show that hit you hard, but it wouldn't have had near the level of impact that it does at times if it weren't for the amazing music. Just give the songs below a listen if you're still not convinced.

(This one really kicks in at about 2:30)

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